I happily accept books for review. 

If you are an author, publisher or publicist interested in requesting a book review, please do read on.


  • Age Group - Young Adult & New Adult. I don't really enjoy Adult fiction as much as I do enjoy Young Adult and New Adult books, and if I was an author I would want to send my books to people who would give it a fair shot. If you think I'll enjoy the book despite all this, by all means, you can request a review :)  
  • Genre – I read any and all YA genres. I simply can't pick a favourite because I know that if I did I would be losing out on so many incredible stories! 
  • Format – Unfortunately for some, I only accept physical copies of books for the most part. In my experience I've found that I rarely get back to e-books because I do not have an e-reader,  but if I really want to read your book I will accept PDF copies for my laptop.
Book reviews
  • Am I honest? – I assure you that I give nothing but honest reviews, I simply can't mislead people who rely on me to tell them whether they should cough up their money in order to buy something they know they will enjoy. There are too many hyped up books on the internet that leave people broke and brooding. I don't want to contribute to their heartache
  • But are you bias or subjective?– I am not bias at all I give all books a fair shot even if it's based on something that I have been exposed to too often,  like Vampires and Werewolves. I shove my inner tantrums aside because I know that there will always be more ways in which a story can be made unique and I love being surprised by those!
  • What do you say in your reviews? – I usually start with a synopsis of the book, a general idea of what I thought for skim readers and then I delve in deep! I look at the writing itself as well as the characters and the plot. I end the review with an author profile and a link to the author's website 
  • Promotion – All reviews will be published on this blog as well as Goodreads and they will be shared on Instagram.
Keep in Mind:
  • I can't say how long it will take for me to read your book or books. I can say that the reviews will be up as soon as possible! If there is a deadline or a reason why it should be up sooner rather than later, let me know and I will try and read it as quick as I can:) 
  • If you’re planning to send physical copies of a book, please note that I do live in South Africa. 
Aside from book review requests, I can also host giveaways and interviews. If you are interested in any of these, please do contact me via email at bibliomess@gmail.com