10 Popular YA books that I've failed to read

by - March 05, 2018

Firstly, I'd like to say that this post was inspired by the lovely Cait over at Paperfury who wrote a blog post on the 10 popular YA books that she hasn't gotten to. I loved the idea so I thought I'd do the same, but please follow this link over to her post if you'd like to see what's on her list :)

There are various reasons as to why I haven't read the titles below, but mostly it's because I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to picking up books. As soon as I pick one up I see another shiny cover and I drop everything to pick that one up until...wait, is that another shiny cover in the distance??? Yes, I have zero self-control and I am a scatter brain by trade so things often slip through the cracks.

Working full-time, blogging, reading, writing and functioning as a normal human being is very taxing work. Whenever there's a moment to actually sit down and read I usually gravitate towards reading newer books that I have in my collection, so the titles that were new a month ago gather dust as my TBR pile grows. This is a horrible habit that I've got to kick as soon as I possibly can, but it's been going on for so long that I hardly know how to do the things! Basically, I need help, because I've seen way too many movie adaptations of books and checking them off my list of TBRs, like some lying LIAR worse than Pinocchio! AM I EVEN A REAL READER?? *and que the existential crisis*

The first one I'm tackling is probably the one you've been judging me for since the post header caught your eye... I don't blame you, don't worry. This confession is basically a sin and someone needs to send me to book jail because I HAVEN'T READ THE HARRY POTTER SERIES, OKAY!!

Why haven't I read it: I've read The Philosopher's Stone in high school, but as for the rest of the series, I've only seen the movies *gasp*. I wish I had a reason that would justify this offense, but I don't.

Will I read it: I'm planning on reading it really soon!! So, bare with me. Balance will be restored and I won't be the only book blogger ever that hasn't read it. I can't wait!

Oh Percy, I wish I was one of the many moths drawn to this series flame, but I'm not. I've seen this movie too, but even though I love Greek mythology I just didn't get hooked by the story.
Why haven't I read it: I'm not a fan

Will I read it: Nope, there are too many books i'd rather spend my time devouring.

Problematic, problematic, PROBLEMATIC! Michael Grant is known for saying the strangest things and having a terrible outlook on the work that he has dedicated his life toward creating. As a reader I just don't want to support an author who says that YA should only be read by kids... Really?Who even thinks that way anymore? The best thing about reading YA is the community and the interaction that the readers have with the authors of these books that we simply can't get enough of. If an author doesn't want me reading their books, I won't. End of story. BYE

Why haven't I read it: The author doesn't want me to

Will I read it: No, never...

When Aristotle and Dante came out it was given so much praise that I had to go out and buy myself a copy! Readers on all platforms were placing it at the top of their tearjerker lists and I was there for all of it, but... When I moved to attend University, I somehow managed to lose a whole box full of books and this one just happened to be in that mysterious box.

Why haven't I read it: I lost a whole box of books and I haven't bought myself another copy of this one.

Will I read it: Maybe, if I find a copy on sale I will definitely add it to my shelf and hopefully read it.

So many good things have been said about this book, and the third installment is already coming out this year which means that I am way behind. Confession time, I'm not much of a sci-fi reader and I think this book is more spacey than the books I'm used to. I'm really intrigued though which means there is still hope!

Why haven't I read it: Late to the party, as usual.

Will I read it: Definitely, maybe...one day

Marie Lu is such a sweetheart and I genuinely want to read more of her books. Legend, however, is a dystopian story set in an alternate America. I feel like I've read this before, I've seen it adapted into several movies and I'm just not that into it anymore. It's not the book, it's me... I've grown up and I want different things now, maybe in the future we can try again. But I've made up my mind. It's over...

Why haven't I read it: I can't bring myself to delve into dystopia right now. Our reality is bad enough.

Will I read it: Hahahahahahahahaha

Sabriel has been hailed as one of the first YA Fantasies that made readers fall in love with the genre again. If I'm not mistaken Leigh Bardugo, the queen of fantasy (IMO), said that Sabriel is one of her personal favourites which only makes me want to read it more! I trust Leigh with my reading choices because she has created the most amazing world in the genre and I therefore declare her taste as valid! Thank you, bye now...

Why haven't I read it: I just haven't bought it yet!

Will I read it: Yes, yes, I'm definitely going to read it.

This book is another problematic read that had the world of YA buzzing due to the controversial character descriptions. Many have claimed that this book is racist because it presents a light-skinned culture fighting against an antagonistic dark-skinned culture that appropriates Arabic and Islamic facets. Veronica did respond to these allegations in a lengthy blog post in order to explain her choice of representation and clarify some assumptions, but frankly I just didn't feel like picking up a book that had so much negative energy surrounding it. I'm not saying that anything is true or false because I haven't read it, I'm just saying that the chances of me picking it up are very slim.

Why haven't I read it: Too much negative energy! I have enough of that to go around.

Will I read it: Doubtful

OMG, the trailer for the adaptation just came out and it looks freaking amazing! A world where the only limitations you have are determined by your imagination? Sign me the heck up! Hopefully I'll read this before I see the movie, but both are on my list!

Why haven't I read it: No freaking clue!

Will I read it: SOOOOOOOOOON! I don't have a copy yet, but I have now made it my mission to get it in my hands ASAP!

Wonder sounds like the type of book that will rip my heart out, throw it in the trash, burn it to ash and return it to me in a freaking urn while I'm on my death bed. And damn me if I'll go and ask it to do it all again.

Why haven't I read it: I am not emotionally prepared for that kind of heartbreak.

Will I read it: Yes, but only after I've modified my backbone.

Chat to me in the comment section! Did I mention any of your favourites? Which one should I pick up first and am I making a seriously big mistake by not reading any of these?? I need to know!

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