What to read based on your favourite Youtube channel

by - March 06, 2018

Youtubers have become the new 'reality stars' of this generation. Billions of people sit down to watch short clips of strangers living their lives, telling stories or creating videos purely for the entertainment of others. Regularly generated content has allowed us to fall in love with certain Youtubers, because of the personal feel of these videos. I'm one of those people who can sit and watch Youtube videos all day long. This is why I thought it would be fun to recommend some reads based off of some of the platform's most popular creators.

David Dobrik:


If you watch or if you have seen David's vlogs then you know that it basically consists of a group of friends (mostly male) who make skits and prank each other for a living. David is by far the most successful because of his great vlogging style that focuses more on his friends than himself. I chose Spud because it's funny, it's set in a boarding school for boys and there's a lot of friendship drama and pranking to go around. Looking for Alaska is for those who appreciate David's sensitive side and who admire the complete devotion he has for his girlfriend, Liza. Together they make the cutest couple on Youtube and it's definitely a feeling that's captured by John Green.

 Liza Koshy:

Yes, I chose When Dimple met Rishi because it's Indian and cute and Liza is Indian and cute and they are both equally funny! I would be dumb not to suggest that you'd enjoy the quirky romcom just as much as you enjoy watching Liza's videos. As for Bossypants, I think it's a great fit because Tina is smart, funny, a feminist, and super driven. Just like Liza, which would make the two a combination made in heaven!


When I think of Zoë Sugg, everything that is cute and cozy comes to mind, also everything British! This is why I have the coziest contemporary, To All The Boys I've Love Before, on this list. Lara-jean loves baking and spending time with her family which is something that Zoë holds very near and dear to her heart. She also has the cutest relationship and Zoë and Alfie can give you a toothache if you're not careful. The Youtube star also loves having a laugh with friends which is why I thought Angus, thongs and perfect snogging would be a great addition. Especially because the characters are all British too!


KSI is known for his gaming Youtube videos and his crazy, at times rude, personality. I think the two video game inspired books will be great for his fans. Both books have the element of live video gaming with insane stakes that will make you want to actually own the games yourself. Ready Player One is also adapted into a movie and it looks amazing! You should pick up the book before the movie comes out this year. You won't regret it! 

Gabbie Hannah:

Gabbie Hannah is known for her dramatic story-time videos and her disastrous love life. This darkness mine is great for anyone interested in her story-time videos because it keeps you on your toes and the drama will keep you satisfied until Gabbie uploads again. I thought the Upside of Unrequited would be great for Gabbie fans, because she always talks about liking people who don't like her back and I'm sure this story will give you a little insight to what that feels like, but in a really funny, not depressing kind of way. YAY!

My Life as Eva:

Last but definitely not least. We have one of the personifications of black girl magic in the Youtube star, Eva! Her videos are mostly DIYs, challenges and Q&As but she has won herself a place in millions of hearts because of her fun personality and her adventurous spirit. This is why I added Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. A book that deals with a girl desperate to live a life outside of the confines of her home that was created to keep her from dying. The Belles is a great new release that deals with the themes of beauty and acceptance in a great fantastical world that has been given nothing but praise from early readers. 

Which Youtube star is your favourite? Let me know if you think you have a better recommendation, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also, I didn't add the Youtubers books in this list. I know some of them have their own books, but I just wanted to recommend books that fans might not know about.

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